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Fat phobia in the workplace

The biased behavior against fat people is reality. Some people speak up against it, whereas others become blind toward it. Regardless, we cannot ignore that it does exist and it’s nothing but discrimination.

Fatphobia is plain discrimination against fat or obese people. At workplaces, it could also appear in the form of not hiring potential candidates due to their body weight and physique. It could also be in the form of bullying, harassment, and even a difference in pay.

It is important to note that the margin in salary is caused by some well-paying job opportunities not being offered to fat people. Particularly, these are the positions in which face to face contact or physical presence is required for long periods of time.

And so, fat phobia in the workplace means that obese people are more likely to suffer from lack of growth than others.

Whether you’re a victim of fat phobia yourself or have witnessed someone else falling to it, I’ve got your back. Let’s discuss how we can fight against this discriminatory behavior.

  1. Be mindful of negative self-talk

    How often do you find yourself thinking about your body weight? Obsessive thoughts can lead to consequences. Especially when they aren’t pointed in the right direction.

  1. Speak up for the victims of fatphobia

    Say you hear someone taunting or bullying a fellow employee. In that case, don’t pretend to go deaf and walk away! Here are a few ways to respond in such a situation.
  • Calmly approach the abusive person and stop them.
  • Tell them where they’re going wrong.
  • Make them aware of how the body works. Remember that arguments become more powerful when backed by facts.
  • Support the victim by consoling them. Let them feel seen and heard by telling them how 

    And do the same for yourself too. Remember that by taking power in your hands, you’re announcing that others stop mistreating you. If they call you out for it, it has everything to do with them and nothing with you.

  1. Spread awareness

    Use your voice for the better. Become a driver of social change by opening up your thoughts and comments. Of course, the fastest way to do this is to use social media platforms.

    Videos are the best format to spread awareness on fatphobia. Speak up and share the video in your unofficial work group circles.

  1. Inspire companies to change their policies

    Bring awareness into the workplace as well. Talk to your boss or anyone who is in the position of leadership to host discussions. You can even ask your boss and co-workers to create their own videos or put up status updates to spread awareness online.

    Asking the company to have meetings on the issue is another fantastic idea. Everybody gets to speak and contribute. Inclusivity has become a key trait of companies in the 21st century. If you feel like your workplace is lagging behind, it’s high time that talks get going!


Remember that speaking up makes all the difference. Once you realize the power your voice has, there’s no going back. And it’s not only about ending fatphobia in workplaces, but also other issues that you might be having.

Read to make your life better? I’d love to help you. I’m Amy de Jesús and I can help you out with several issues that might be holding you back. Join hands with me to get started on a new and better life journey!


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